Zastone ZT889G Radio

GPS Navigation10W Output PowerDual Band, Dual WatchGPS NavigationMultitasking ModeA Must-have for Ham Radio AmateursGPS NavigationGPS with Prompt Response and Accurate PositionDisplay with Your Real-t

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GPS Navigation

10W Output Power

Dual Band, Dual Watch

GPS Navigation

Multitasking Mode

A Must-have for Ham Radio Amateurs

GPS Navigation

GPS with Prompt Response and Accurate Position

Display with Your Real-time Location, Distance and Height

Just One Key to Transmit Your Location


No conversation problem in any demanding environments with ZT-889G.

Transmission Range: 3-10km

ZT-889G of GPS & Craftsmanship

Choice of 99% Outdoor Amateurs

ZT-889G: A Multifunctional Two-way Radio.

You Always Have More Than A Choice.

Camping, Cruising, Golfing, Skiing

Dual Frequency, Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby

ZT-889G is also a Relay Station for transmission between VHF and UHF.


Necessity for teamwork: driving fleet, road trip, field working, etc.   


Relay Station for the Same Frequency    Relay Station for Different Frequencies

GPS Navigation, Real-time Location Sharing, Calling Police


ZT-889G unveils the big screen era with expanded screen & tactile keypad.

Different from regular two-way radios, multifunctional ZT-889G is to be extraordinary.


Power Saving by 20%

Eco-friendly Li-ion Battery

ZT-889G is safe with you based on high capacity battery with circuit protection device.


Hi-Fi Audio

Installed w图片关键词ith delicate chips, and excellent sound processor like nowhere else.









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